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Morning Flight Pixelblitz

System: Win XP - 10

Use for: Digital and Merchandise

The Pixelblitz Edition is identical to the Gold but lacks offset capabilities. In return, Pixelblitz gives you something the Gold Edition can't match: A $100 smaller price tag!

Being identical means that, except for the missing offset part, all of the features listed on the related page for the Gold are also part of the Pixelblitz package. Conversely, the Pixelblitz functions illustrated here are also found in the Gold: Order tracking, invoicing, and a QuickBooks link for transferring customers into Morning Flight, and invoices out into QuickBooks.

Order Tracking

All orders are tracked as soon as you enter them. Tracking stops once the job has been invoiced. You don't need to initiate or end the process, Morning Flight does it for you.


With Morning Flight, invoicing has become an amazingly simple task: Drop completed orders into a shopping cart, then watch the Invoice Manager deliver a formal invoice, ready to be mailed to your customers or transferred into QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Link

For importing your customers into Morning Flight, and exporting invoices into QuickBooks. Note that transferring invoices requires the Transaction Pro utility from Baystate Consulting. That's for invoices. For transferring your QuickBooks customer list into Morning Flight, all you need is a Gold or Pixelblitz version where everything's built in.