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Morning Flight Passport

System: Win XP - 10

Use for: Digital, Offset

Morning Flight Passport adds a host of professional features to the free Starter Edition. Chief among them: User-selectable Presses, unlimited Custom Prepress, Postpress, and Packaging, unique Paper Markups for each Quote, and Products with Bleeds.

User-selectable Presses

The Starter Edition comes with three built-in offset presses, one each for 1-color, 2-color, and 4-color. The Starter program automatically selects the most suitable press for the job. With that in mind, do you really need extra presses you can then manually select for individual quotes? It depends. If you actually own more than three presses, or you price jobs based on the press you'll run them on, then yes, you will need the added flexibility you'll get with the Passport Edition.

Custom Prepress, Postpress, and Packaging

Building on the Starter Edition's ability to add unlimited product and paper items, Morning Flight Passport lets you create unlimited user-defined prepress, postpress, and packaging to expand, in a big way, what comes in the box.

Custom Products with Bleeds

All Morning Flight programs give you the ability to quote bleeds on demand. In the Passport Edition you can create products with bleeds spec'd in.

Individual Paper Markups

The Starter program lets you tweak the general paper markup you set for your store. In the Passport you can override that markup from zero to 150% in any quote.

ON SALE - $49.50