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Morning Flight Gold

System: Win XP - 10

Use for: Digital, Offset, Merchandise

The Gold Edition and its identical but digital-only Pixelblitz twin represent our flagship products. Both come with an automatic estimate writer, merchandise and booklet pricing, order entry, order tracking, and invoicing. Both also include a QuickBooks link for transferring customers into Morning Flight, and invoices into QuickBooks. For experienced estimators there's MyWay pricing, a powerful manual-mode option no other edition offers.

Merchandise Pricing

Morning Flight Merchandise goes beyond material objects, beyond physical things you can see and touch. It's so flexible you can even use it for time-based activities, for services you charge by the hour.

Estimate Writer

Work up quotes, just as you do in the Passport Edition, then drop them into a shopping cart and get a written estimate, ready to be faxed or e-mailed to your customers.

Booklet Pricing

It's easy to find requests for booklet quotes: Look no further than the bottom of the in-pile. If there is a single tool every printing estimator has been clamoring for, it's a "you press the button, we do the rest" booklet pricer.

Order Entry

The Order Entry window looks and acts just like the window you're familiar with when making quotes - no learning curve. Converting a Quote to an order is as easy as highlighting the quote and choosing the quantity ordered. Repeat a previous order? Same window, different heading, nearly the same process.

For Professionals: MyWay

Gold and Pixelblitz let you flip between 'Safe for Cousin Mel' pricing and the option of full manual control. MyWay starts with selecting the press, then manually entering job-specific amounts for imposition and RIP, makeready and press speed. You can even create quotes the automatic way, then edit them manually in MyWay.